Kingdom Culture is the re-birth of a God given vision which started in

2012 in the city of Kumba, Cameroon as the Feelyxngz Gospel Band.

Kingdom Culture is a foundational  block operating as the artistic(music)arm of a now bigger Vision recognized by the name “The Metropolitan Gospel Family” with a mandate to Establish the Christ Culture in all Seven Mountains of Influence

As the name Implies; We represent the culture of God’s kingdom on earth.

The coming together of some dynamic brothers and friends who wanted to stand-out from the rest , playing a unique kind of music different from the norm accustomed to their environment didn’t really understand at the time that God had a bigger plan for them through the music they were aspiring to make. Starting with almost nothing and only reliant on the local church equipment, their desire to push through never withered as they kept pushing. As students their relocation to Buea marked a turning point in their lives. While studying at the University the zeal to really dive deeper into the gospel through music grew thus abandoning all other secular music commitments. This paved way for the successful execution of many projects, some of which include; the World Music Day 2015, Feelyxngz Jazz Festival 2015 & 2016 editions commemorating the UNESCOInternational Jazz Day Celebration World Wide, Abundant Life Festival 2014 & 2015 editions, music cell and many more. With all these divinely orchestrated accomplishments the real purpose of their coming together wasn’t still fully comprehended.

In the Month of July 2015 they decided to embark on a one week fasting and prayer retreat at the Full Gospel Mission Retreat Center Muyuka, which marked the beginning of greater things to come. The benefits of that bold step wasn’t immediately seen as occurrences after that instead led to a pause in their operations and subsequently a divinely guided separation in 2017. Even though it looked like a separation, God’s master plan for them kept them linked up together in spirit despite their geographical locations since His objective for the separation was for capacity development in preparation for His greater assignment . After a few years, God as He had orchestrated the separation did same for the re-union. As everything started to go well and comfortable for them all at their respective locations, God did a shake-up least expected which ignited the course to their reunion and the rebirth of what we have now. If I can Put it this way “God scattered the corn grains across different suitable farmlands for them to fully grow and develop and then He gathered the multiplied harvest later on ready for His work.

In all God’s agenda all through their journey was to show them a fore taste of His Glory revealed through them and then cause them to grow and develop themselves for His Glory to be revealed in and through them as ambassadors of His Kingdom on earth. All these laid to the uncovering of God’s greater Vision not just limited to music which they had envisage earlier, but using music as a platform to further propagate His(God’s) agenda for humanity. Thus bringing them to a now clearer understanding of what He had intended for them to do and become in live. Halleluiah.